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Stryker Corp., a subsidiary of Howmedica Osteonics Corporation, is a New Jersey-based manufacturer of knee replacement products. Patients have experienced early failures of many Stryker’s knee replacement devices, frequently requiring a second operation to correct the problem. Many patients seek compensation from Stryker for defective and dangerous knee implants sold by the company.

Most recently, Stryker recalled more than 26,000 of its EIUS Unicompartmental Knee Systems because studies revealed these knee replacements failed at unexpectedly high rates, causing patient injuries.

Also, Stryker issued a voluntary recall of its ShapeMatch cutting guide, a tool used in implantation of the Stryker Triathlon Total Knee System. The ShapeMatch cutting guide is defective because a software defect caused it to make improper and inaccurate surgical cuts on patients’ knees during surgery.

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Stryker Knee Replacement Recalls

In January 2012, the FDA issued a Class II recall for the EIUS Unicompartmental Knee System, a partial knee replacement system, because of higher than expected revision rates. 26,648 units were recalled. In 2011 the Australian Department of Health reported an 18.5% rate of revision surgery for the EIUS system, and in 2013 the Journal of Knee Surgery found the five-year failure rate to be 14.7%. The EIUS system was approved by the FDA in 2004.

In April 2013, the FDA issued a class I recall for the ShapeMatch cutting guide, which was used to assist in the positioning of components during implantation of Stryker’s Triathlon Total Knee system. The ShapeMatch guide is defective and resulted in incorrect cuts during knee replacement surgery because of a software defect.

There Is Still Time to Obtain Compensation for a Defective Stryker Knee Replacement

Patients implanted with defective Stryker knee implants still have time to seek compensation for their injuries. The time to seek compensation is limited by the law, so do not delay in seeking advice.

Symptoms of Stryker Knee Implant Injuries

If you have a Stryker knee replacement and suffer the following injuries and symptoms, you may have a claim for compensation:

  • Need a second surgery to revise or replace your Stryker knee implant;
  • Suffer from persistent knee pain and/or inflammation;
  • See radiolucent lines on an X-ray;
  • Suffer from serious limitations on mobility;
  • Experience implant loosening.

Is There a Stryker Knee Replacement Class Action?

There are no Stryker knee replacement class action lawsuits. At Borri Law Offices, we file an individual case for each of our clients. We spend the time to understand your individual situation.

Do I Have a Stryker Knee Replacement Lawsuit?

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