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Zimmer Hip Replacement Components Corrode at Head-Neck Junction, Study Reveals

Patients with Zimmer Femoral Hip Implant Components Studied A study of 1356 patients with Zimmer hip replacements (metal-on-polyethylene) revealed a worrisome number of premature failures due to cobalt metal corrosion at the head-neck taper junction. Hip implant failures in patients suffering from pain, stiffness and/or limping and with elevated levels of Cobalt metal in their […]

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Patients with Zimmer Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Replacements Have Pseudotumors, Study Finds

Metal Hip Replacement Pain, Rash and Tissue Loss Metal-on-metal hip replacements are associated with higher risk of patient complications and revision surgery. One complication involves the formation of pseudotumors around the hip implant. Pseudotumors are adverse tissue reactions to the metal particles produced by metal hip replacements. They appear as solid or semi-liquid masses in […]

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