Your Knee Replacement is Painful or Loose – Are You Entitled to Compensation?

Knee Replacement Sticker Sheet

Sample Zimmer Hip Replacement Sticker Sheet

Many patients with painful or loose knee replacements ask us whether they are entitled to file a hip replacement lawsuit to recover compensation for their pain suffered and the additional surgery often needed to remove and replace a non-functioning knee replacement device.

An injured knee replacement patient and his or her lawyer need to know three pieces of information to be prepared to answer that question.

First, Find Out Why Your Knee Replacement is Causing Pain and Why You May Need an Additional Surgery to Remove and Replace It

The only way to find out why your knee implant is causing you pain or seems to be loose is to consult your orthopedic surgeon. He or she has a variety of diagnostic tools to determine the cause of your pain, including x-rays, CT scans, blood tests for high levels of cobalt and chromium, and aspirations to rule out infection.

If your orthopedic surgeon cannot give you an answer, consider getting a second opinion.

Second, Find Out the Name of the Manufacturer, Model Numbers (reference numbers) and Lot Numbers of the Components of Your Hip Replacement

You need to know or confirm the specific knee replacement device components that have been implanted before you can determine whether you have a claim that the device is defective. This information is on the implant log (also known as the “sticker sheet”), which is part of the hospital records.

Third, Find Out if Your Knee Replacement has been Recalled, or is Defective

Hip replacement devices that are recalled or are defective typically have manufacturing or design defects, unacceptably high failure rates, or cause injuries that the manufacturer negligently omitted from the product warnings. Patients injured by recalled or defective and defective hip replacement devices may be entitled to compensation.

Whether a hip implant device has been recalled or is dangerous and defective can be determined by consulting a variety of sources such as the Food & Drug Administration, international joint registry reports, medical and scientific literature, and discovery in pending knee replacement lawsuits.

An experienced medical device lawyer has access to much of this information and can help you find out what information relates to your device and your injury.

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