Zimmer Biomet Knee Replacement Lawsuit

Knee Replacement ImageZimmer Biomet Holdings, the result of the June 2015 merger of Zimmer Holdings and Biomet, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of knee replacement products. Zimmer Biomet sells dozens of knee replacement devices.

Most knee replacement devices are expected to last from 15 to 20 years. However, thousands of patients experience pain and early failures of their Zimmer knee replacement devices, frequently requiring a second operation to replace the knee implant. Many patients seek compensation from Zimmer for defective and dangerous knee implants sold by the company.

Most recently, many of Zimmer’s NexGen high-flex knee implant components have failed at unexpectedly high rates, causing patient injuries. Additionally, Zimmer has issued recalls of parts of its Persona Knee Replacement System and Segmental Knee Replacement System because of defects that caused the devices to fail.

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Zimmer Knee Replacement Recalls

A knee replacement recall is an action by a company (sometimes ordered by the FDA) to take back all the problem knee implants or parts it has sold. Unfortunately, a company cannot get back problem knee replacements that have been surgically implanted, and if those devices fail, it is the innocent patient that suffers the consequences.

Recent Zimmer knee replacement recalls include:

In March 2017, Zimmer Biomet issued a Class II recall for its Regenerex 3 Peg Series A Patella (kneecap) components, a part of its Vanguard Complete Knee Replacement System. Zimmer made the recall because the pegs can break off of the patella component filling the knee joint with metal debris, resulting in catastrophic failure. 8,154 of the patella components were recalled. See Zimmer Biomet Recalls Regenerex 3 Peg Series A Patella (Kneecap) for more info.

In March 2015, the FDA issued a Class II recall for the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate, a portion of the Persona Knee Replacement system, because of reports of radiolucent lines – gaps between pieces of the implant and the bone – and loosening of the implant. 11,658 units were recalled.

In January 2014, the FDA issued a Class II recall for 5,305 units of Zimmer’s Segmental System, a total knee replacement system. The Segmental System’s instructions did not account for conditions that would place excessive loading on the system’s polyethylene insert, causing the device to fail.

In July 2014, Zimmer recalled 41,180 parts of its NexGen Complete Knee Solution MIS (minimally invasive surgery) Stemmed Tibial Component because of the potential that the threads in the drop down stem extension or drop down stem plug were out of specification and defective and could cause loosening or early failure of the knee replacement.

In March 2010, the FDA issued a Class II recall for 68,384 units of Zimmer’s NexGen Complete Knee Solution MIS Total Knee Stemmed Tibial Component because of complaints of loosening requiring additional surgery to replace the device. In an Urgent Device Correction notice, Zimmer warned surgeons to use a drop down stem with the tibial plate and to be sure the device was fully cemented.

Hundreds of Zimmer NexGen Lawsuits Pending Against Zimmer

More than a thousand patients have sued Zimmer for injuries they claim were caused by Zimmer’s NexGen Knee implant. In these lawsuits patients assert that parts of the NexGen Knee replacement system are prone to premature loosening, which has led to pain and loss of movement, often necessitating an additional, unnecessary surgery.

The NexGen lawsuits involve one tibial component used with minimally invasive surgical techniques and four “high-flex” femoral components. A 2010 study found a significantly higher failure rate of the tibial component. Zimmer issued an Urgent Field Safety Notice warning to doctors of issues with the product. Shortly after, the FDA classified Zimmer’s Urgent Field Safety Notice as recall of more than 68,000 of the tibial components.

Zimmer did not warn doctors about problems with the NexGen “high flex” femoral components, but many patients with lawsuits against Zimmer claim these parts are also prone to loosening.

Some NexGen lawsuits are scheduled for trial in late 2015.

There Is Still Time to Obtain Compensation for a Defective Zimmer Knee Replacement

Patients implanted with defective Zimmer knee implants still have time to seek compensation for their injuries. The time to seek compensation is limited by the law, so do not delay in seeking advice.

Is There a Zimmer Knee Replacement Class Action?

There are no Zimmer knee replacement class action lawsuits. At Borri Law Offices, we file an individual case for each of our clients. We spend the time to understand your individual situation.

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